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A Chance For Peace Book

John B. Loveland MMsc – A Chance for Peace.
Is there a technique for individuals,
groups, and governments creating peace?
The author created peace in his life, joining
distinguished researchers and philosophers,
revealing secrets of peace.

On Harvard Author's Bookshelf - Harvard Magazine May, 2018

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A New Earth Rising

Enjoy the movie, A New #Earth Rising, and learn about the wonderful story how one person - through selfless action - improved the lives of many: locally, nationally, and internationally. The results provided #role-models worldwide. May this #story become a role-model for you.

The Golden Cashews Of Nuimi

In a desperate search for family income, Nuimi’s youth are leaving in large numbers on a dangerous, often deadly journey to Europe. Watch this educational movie on the story of the cashew farmers of Upper Nuimi in The Gambia, West Africa. They grow and harvest the work-intense cashew nuts, but unless they have their own cashew processing plant, Upper Nuimi cashew farmers are left with less than $600 income per year, shipping their nuts to far away processing plants. Having a cashew processing plant will enable the peaceful and hard-working Nuimi people to overcome unbearable, decade-long poverty. They need the plant to create income and economic opportunities from their nuts, ending extreme and persistent, financial scarcity. The cost to build the plant is $170,000. Life-supporting income through the cashew plant will keep Upper Nuimi youth from feeling forced to leave their beloved families and country. Learn about the life of these hard-working people, their golden nuts, and how cashews are grown, harvested and processed to become the tasty nuts we all love.

This video is a cooperative work between New Earth Foundation as initiator, the Upper Nuimi people, Heretic Advertising, and Sedona Voiceovers.


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“A major need is
to reconcile
the religious and scientific

John Bigelow Loveland, MMsc. A Chance for Peace.

New Earth Foundation was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2018,
among over 300 Nominees.

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