New Earth Foundation receives grant proposals for many innovative, leading-edge projects of significant impact, more than what it is able to fund. NEF is enthusiastic about the numerous projects that serve important humanitarian and planetary needs, for wellbeing and peace, and would love to support more of them.

NEF is asking for your help to increase its grant-giving capacity, so that the valuable work of these exciting projects will be strengthened and sustained.

If you feel called to assist in creating a more sustainable world, your donation will have a considerable impact and will be greatly appreciated. Please see below some areas and projects which New Earth Foundation would like to fund with your help. At NEF, your contribution will make the difference.

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NEF has requests/needs for funding projects in the following areas:

Areas and Requested Amounts

Environment and Preservation of Natural Resources

Pure water and a livable environment are the natural rights of everyone. Yet, what can a single person do to prevent water privatization and pollution, improper sludge deposit, or undue destruction of the environment and farm land? Your donation will aid community education and the formulation of protective laws that enable communities to remain in control of vital resources and the purity of the land where they live.

Shelters for Catastrophe Areas and the Homeless

People in catastrophe areas devastated by storm, fire, earthquake or flooding are in need of rapidly built shelters where daily life can be supported. We have seen how long it can take to restore a destroyed area to normal life functions, and that people in such areas may be affected for years. Your generous donation will help to assure that emergency shelters are quickly built, providing a place of safety that can endure the often long rebuilding phase. Such shelters can also be used for the homeless, helping to guide them back into a normal life.

Animal Rights

For a long time, people assumed that animals had no feelings and no consciousness. Yet, closer observations taught that animals have awareness and feelings; e.g. a gorilla learning sign language expressed his desires and feelings of like and dislike. Animals suffer greatly from the human misunderstanding that they are “not conscious” about what happens to them and are often abused by cruel acts. Your much appreciated contribution will help support the rights of animals to a life unharmed by people, and the preservation of their natural habitats.

Rights of Nature

That nature has rights to be on this planet may be a new concept for those who are accustomed to eradicating it for temporary gain. New insights teach us that with every species dying out, the earth itself becomes less livable. Trees deliver oxygen, streams and oceans naturally purify water, and animals balance the ecosystem. Your much appreciated giving will help to preserve the purity of nature, the life of animals and plants, and the spectacular variety of life forms on earth.

If you have questions or would like to donate to a different area of need, please Contact NEF.




You may contribute any amount to one of these projects
or fund the entire request.

Projects and Requested Amounts

Rebuilding Forgotten Nepal after a Devastating Earthquake
$ 25,000

Recovery after entire communities lost about everything can take years and cannot be dome without outside help. Often these areas of catastrophe are forgotten by the news and thus forgotten by those who can help. Nepal is such a case. People still live in tents years after the devastating earthquake despite of very cold Himalayan Mountain winters and rainy seasons. With the help of volunteers, houses have been constructed with sandbags, secured by concrete, and supplied with a metal roof for durability and lightness in case of another earthquake. People love their new homes, yet there are not enough of them yet. Here you can help to give more families a desperately needed home.

Instructing Nepal Children in Wholesome Agriculture

Being underpaid, the poor in Nepal may work farmland owned by a few others. Consequently, their children see farm work as an impoverishing vocation, avoiding it. This project teaches students, teachers and families in Nepal how to grow their own food, the importance and value of agriculture in their life, and how nutritious food can be raised in kitchens, home gardens and communities. The program instructs how to make compost, prepare the soil, sow and harvest nutritious vegetables and fruits. The project also increases literacy, school hygiene (e.g. by installing indoor restrooms), and teaches especially impoverished women how to develop small businesses with micro loans. Your big-hearted contribution to this project will help families in Nepal receive better nutrition and gain the confidence to master their lives.

Music and Dance for the Disabled

Learning music and dance gives a sense of accomplishment and joy, which are even more imperative in the lives of people with disabilities. You can help fund the teaching of disabled children, teenagers and adults to read, compose, make and perform music, creating joy and raising their self-esteem under the direction of music and dance instructors, with the guidance of special education teachers and disability experts. Your donation will assist in serving a greater number of disabled people, help to buy instruments and enable the construction of a music and dance building for the disabled.

BioFuel for School Busses

Buses use up large amounts of fossil fuels (diesel), contribute to polluting the environment and exhaust the resources of the earth. This BioFuel project gathers restaurant cooking oils, a source of solid waste pollution, and transforms it into BioFuel. BioFuel helps to lower the cost for school bus operations while reducing air pollution and carbon emission and raising the quality of the environment. Schools have used BioFuel for their busses with savings that can be applied for educational programs. Your much appreciated contribution will promote a wider use of BioFuel for school buses.

Training to Construct Quick Sandbag Shelters for Victims of Catastrophes

Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, storms and fire can destroy large living areas in a short time. Then services, which we may take for granted, are interrupted and thousands of people are left in the dark at night, exposed to the heat of summer or the cold of winter without proper electricity. This low-cost, very low maintenance generator can work on the spot, supplying a family with enough electricity for light, refrigeration, cooking, heating or cooling. Such a generator has been designed for emergencies, and with your kind donation can be manufactured and distributed in areas of catastrophe to ease the lives of the victims.

Pioneering Exciting, Goal-oriented Education for the Uncharted Future of Humankind
$ 65,000

More than ever, creative, solution-oriented, integrative thinking is needed to solve the numerous problems of today that will linger into the future. It is far-sighted to educate students in integrity, community, global, and goal-oriented solutions, since the future rests in the hands of the young. At the same time their cooperation and self-esteem can progress, as can their willingness to serve, when raising responsible future leaders and promoting public speaking skills to communicate a new way of life. This pioneering program for regular high schools educates not only students, but also teachers and parents in a new view on life: demonstrating the positive effects of student-initiated, creative projects of this program that builds self-confidence and skills, friendships and helpfulness, integrity and self mastery, blended with the excitement of a new curriculum for learning, creating harmony and peace. Your much needed donation will assist to develop guiding workbooks and DVDs made in classroom settings to detail this innovative program step by step, in order to replicate and implement it, greatly enriching the current school programs and brightening the school experience for our students around the world.Your much needed donation will assist to develop guiding workbooks and DVDs made in classroom settings to detail this innovative program step by step, in order to replicate and implement it, greatly enriching the current school programs and brightening the school experience for our students.

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Special Feature Proposed by New Earth Foundation™

Pioneering Exciting High School Education, $65,000 - $150,000 needed for further development and application

Step Forward Education is distinctive in its forward-thinking purpose and insightful educational philosophy that underlies its leading-edge and impacting teaching methods. This developing program has received two small grants from New Earth Foundation for developing strategies and the elective curriculum for a four year course, with emphasis on the first year. Its unique program is bringing our present school methods up to the requirements of the new millennium: it is a much-needed approach.

Since the Middle Ages – except for adding computer techniques – we have not sufficiently changed how we teach our students other than in mainly teacher-centered, didactic ways. However, Step Forward education has thoroughly researched realistic and invigorating changes by present and former teachers and students to create a program that is exciting to students and teachers alike, evoking their scientific-intuitive genius, and creating thoughtfulness and harmony, furthering peace in school, community and finally in the world. More funds than available from New Earth Foundation are needed for the full development of this program, CD and movie productions, and for its final introduction to schools.

Forward Education program. Thank you.

Innovative High School Program What could be more important than the education of youth in order to eradicate violence and create peace in schools and communities by guiding students in a creative direction? The Step Forward Education curriculum provides high schools nationwide with a four-year innovative, experienced-based elective course, designed to empower youth to be the future creative thinkers, socially responsible entrepreneurs, and skilled humanitarian leaders.

Cultivating the Potential of Youth A complement to the conventional academic courses, Step Forward programs immerse students in real-world experiences, preparing them with the needed skills and strengths of character to pioneer critical new solutions that effectively address the national and global challenges they are inheriting. It is these young adults who will help usher humanity into an era of creative global cooperation, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Extending the environment of support for students, Step Forward Education will additionally provide dynamic teacher workshops, school district-wide in-services, and parent workshops, each with supporting instructional materials and student input.

Impacts As the Step Forward courses will spread to schools throughout the United States and eventually around the world, the following significant impacts can be foreseen on three pivotal fronts:

• this program serves as a needed model to catalyze advancement in the field of education;
• inspires the lives of thousands of students, increasing their confidence and self-esteem, fostering their desire to make a positive difference, helping to prevent substance abuse and gang violence, and increasing their hope for the future and peace in the world;
• raises the quality of life on our planet, as Step Forward graduates nationwide enter the world with their broad range of abilities, helping to progress humanity peacefully in all fields.

Implementation In order to fully develop this innovative school program and introduce it to teachers, students, and schools – locally, nationally, and internationally – via CDs and filming, adequate funding is urgently needed and is much appreciated. This program is the NLP of schooling!

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