New Earth Foundation seeks to fund innovative projects that enhance life on our planet and brighten the future, furthering peace. Smaller, newer 501(c)(3) organizations are the focus of grants given, so that the foundation’s gift can make a more significant contribution to the work of the recipient organization.

The grants given by NEF support a wide variety of projects in many fields of endeavor, including but not limited to environmental initiatives that are working to help eliminate pollution and to save the planet’s ecosystems, community efforts that create models of social sustainability, educational innovations that prepare youth to become the socially responsible leaders of the future, and strategies that offer economic improvement and opportunities.

NEF particularly appreciates projects that are replicable so that excellent ideas and work can multiply and benefit many.


  • GRANT SEEKERS If you have a project in line with NEF’s vision and mission, the initial step is to send a Letter of Inquiry for your project, after reading the requirements below and fulfilling them.

  • INQUIRERS Once you sent a Letter of Inquiry, the NEF Board of Directors will determine if your organization will be asked to submit a Grant Application.


    New Earth Foundation awards grants to projects that serve life's wellness and Earth's peace. NEF accepts Letters of Inquiry and invites Grant Applications according to the criteria listed below. The project

    • meets NEF’s Vision and Mission (see Home Page)
    • is innovative, new, pioneering, even ingenious
    • transforms an aspect of society and provides practical solutions
    • fulfills an important and persisting need
    • outlines one specific undertaking with clearly defined goals, implementation plan and expected results
    • indicates who will benefit and how
    • endeavors to involve those who are served in the planning process
    • includes plans for replication so that benefits can multiply
    • contains an evaluation process to measure success, progress, and future decision-making
    • seeks community involvement and/or collaboration with other organizations
    • is cost-effective with a realistic budget appropriate for the proposed program, and a suitable balance between project related administrative costs and benefits to those served
    • has a plan of acquiring future funding from other sources
    • has qualified staff/volunteers to carry out the project, with staff qualifications clearly specified
    • has images of models/examples, and will provide such regarding work on the project and it's completion


    Although organizations with their specific types of projects listed below do valuable and important work, NEF does not give grants to:

    • organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) tax status
    • individuals
    • personal education expenses
    • mainstream social services or organizations that are affiliated with a well-known national or community organization  
    • real estate, repairs, maintenance, building or renovation projects
    • general organizational purposes
    • standard after-school programs, summer camps, or gardening programs, unless they are significantly innovative and pioneering
    • projects not well-defined and focused


      LETTER OF INQUIRY  Before applying for a grant, a time saving Letter of Inquiry is sent to NEF at any time during the year. Click on Letter of Inquiry, follow the directions, fill in the forms, save or send. This will save both the applicant and NEF time and funds, in case the project is not one that NEF can grant at that time or not at all, for various reasons. NEF reviews inquiries two times a year (see NEF Due Dates below) and will contact you within the given month, to let you know if NEF would like your organization to submit an application for a grant. For questions during the Inquiry/Grant Application process, beyond the information provided, please Contact NEF. For questions from organizations outside of the U.S., without 501(c)(3) status in the U.S., please read the section about Fiscal Sponsorship below.

      THE APPLICATION FORM  If your organization is invited by New Earth Foundation to submit a Grant Application, you will receive a link to the application form with instructions for required information. Please keep a copy of your application. After submitting your application, NEF will contact your organization with its granting decision in about four weeks after the application due date. Please see the NEF Due Dates below. If you have questions, please Contact NEF.

      FISCAL SPONSORSHIP  New Earth Foundation gives grants to projects of 501(c)(3) organizations. If your organization applies under a 501(c)(3) umbrella organization or fiscal sponsor, your application must be accompanied by a letter of agreement detailing your project and the nature of that organization’s support or involvement. This letter must state an agreement of the umbrella organization’s Board of Directors and be signed by the president/chair of the organization. Include the organization’s name, address and phone number, and a copy of its 501(c)(3) authorization letter.


Please see Past Grant Projects for examples of what NEF has funded in the past, and read the NEF criteria for grant-giving below. If other programs or projects similar to yours exist elsewhere, please think about how yours differs.


NEF reviews Letters of Inquiry twice a year.

  • NEF will respond in approximately four to six weeks to Inquiries received by the due date.

NEF evaluates invited Grant Applications twice a year.

  • NEF will respond in June to Applications received by May 1st.
  • NEF will respond in November to Applications received by October 1st.


Grant Application Due Dates

Once you submit your Letter of Inquiry, you will receive a thank you email as receipt that your submission has been received. 

There will be no other confirmation of receipt. 

For a “Letter of Inquiry” Click Here.

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