The New Earth Foundation Board of Advisors was established in 2010 and consists of individuals who appreciate the far-reaching work the Foundation is carrying out and have offered to add their expertise to NEF’s important mission.

The members of the Board of Advisors come from various backgrounds and fields; each is highly accomplished in his/her endeavors and contributes in different ways to NEF’s operation work.

“All religions, arts and sciences
are branches of the same tree.”
Albert Einstein

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Dastan Khalili

President of Cal-Earth, Public Speaker, Seminar Leader
Expert in Sustainable Building & Emergency Housing

Dastan Khalili

Dastan Khalili, President of the not-for-profit Cal-Earth Institute of Earth Art & Architecture, began his study of earth architecture at the tender age of four, accompanying his father, Dr. Nader Khalili on his quest for a sustainable solution to the housing crises in the world. He was at his father’s side during every step of the journey, learning and growing with his father's groundbreaking innovations and discoveries.

Throughout his youth, teenage years and adulthood, Dastan has been part of innumerable architectural design and building projects, as well as research, development, scientific and academic lectures, as well as symposiums. All these experiences culminated in the creation of the patented SuperAdobe earth bag technology and the Cal-Earth Institute of today. He has also produced and directed several award-winning documentary feature films of Nader Khalili's work. These films are an integral part of the school's educational curriculum.

Dastan Khalili is deeply honored and humbled to have the privilege of carrying on his father’s legacy and vision of global housing solutions, which utilize sustainable materials, designed to work in harmony with nature, the environment and humanity.

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Ocean Robbins

Founder of YES! and CEO of The Food Revolution Network
Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Movement Builder
Ocean Robins

In 1990, at age sixteen, Ocean Robbins was founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!), a non-profit organization that connects, inspires and collaborates with young change-makers in building just, thriving and sustainable ways of life for all. For twenty years, Ocean has been directing this successful organization. He writes, “Established systems have more money … and more smart people hired to frame their agendas, than we could ever even imagine. … Some of us, sensing this reality, allow our dreams to shrink, and give in to apathy. But we can come from a deeper place, guided by a wisdom born of the survival urge embedded in life itself. And from that place, given the depth of the human heart and the mysterious creative brilliance that has, against all odds, guided us all this far – anything is possible.”

Ocean has addressed more than 200,000 people and facilitated hundreds of gatherings for leaders from more than sixty-five nations. He is the author of The Power of Partnership and Choices for Our Future.

Ocean is an adjunct professor in the Peace Studies Department of Chapman University, and a director of the Food Revolution Network, which has more than 30,000 members. He is a recipient of the Freedom's Flame Award, the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, and the 2012 Harman Wilkinson Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Thomas Alan Linzey, Esq.

Senior Counsel, Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER)  
Thomas Linzey, Esq.

Thomas Linzey serves as Senior Counsel for the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER), an organization committed to globally advancing environmental rights. He is the co-founder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), and is widely recognized as the founder of the contemporary “community rights” movement which has resulted in the adoption of several hundred municipal laws across the United States. He also sits on the Board of Advisors of New Earth Foundation.
Linzey is a cum laude graduate of Widener Law School and a three-time recipient of the law school’s public interest law award. He has been a finalist for the Ford Foundation’s Leadership for a Changing World Award, and is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Farmers Union’s Golden Triangle Legislative Award. He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, and he is admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, the Third, Fourth, Eighth, and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the U.S. District Court for the Western and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania. He is a co-founder of the Daniel Pennock Democracy School – which has been taught in twenty-four states across the country and which has graduated over 5,000 lawyers, activists, and municipal officials – which assists groups to create new community campaigns which elevate the rights of those communities over rights claimed by corporations.

Linzey is the author of Be The Change: How to Get What You Want in Your Community (Gibbs-Smith 2009), the author of On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability (PM Press 2016), the co-author of We the People: Stories from the Community Rights Movement in the United States (PM Press 2016), has served as a co-host of Democracy Matters, a public affairs radio show broadcast from KYRS in Spokane, Washington and syndicated on ten other stations, was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio and Tree Media’s film 11th Hour and We the People 2.0 (Official Selection of the Seattle International Film Festival), assisted the Ecuadorian constitutional assembly in 2008 to adopt the world’s first constitution recognizing the independently enforceable rights of ecosystems, and is a frequent lecturer at conferences across the country. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, the Nation magazine, he was named, in 2007, as one of Forbes’ magazines’ “Top Ten Revolutionaries,” and, in 2018, Linzey was named as one of the top 400 environmentalists of the last 200 years in the two volume encyclopedia, American Environmental Leaders (3rd Ed. Grey House Publishing 2018). He is currently working on a new book, “Modern American Democracy (and other fairy tales)” (forthcoming Spring, 2021). Linzey currently resides in Spokane, Washington.


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Jeanne Trombly, BA

Founder of Fiber Futures
Jeanne Trombly

Jeanne Trombly brings more than a decade of experience to New Earth Foundation as its Advisor, working in community economic development after having served as Program Director for Fiber Futures Foundation.

She has researched and designed an award-winning, community oriented loan fund for high-risk recycling businesses in Alameda County, California. Furthermore, she has provided general, technical business assistance and helped to establish a reuse company for building materials in San Francisco. Other experiences include managing a group of angel investors and writing scientific papers. Ms. Trombly holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Communications from George Washington University.

In 1997, realizing the tremendous value of agricultural fiber for diverse applications, Jeanne Trombly organized a well received conference on this subject. This conference showed a growing interest in an alternative, non-wood industry, attracting scientists, environmental advocates, farmers and corporate representatives. As a result of the response to the conference, Ms. Trombly founded Fiber Futures in order to assemble information for both nonprofit as well as for-profit projects through an extended network.

With Fiber Futures Jeanne Trombly has assisted in utilizing fibers from crops like wheat, flax, rye, rice, and hemp straw. Without further use of fibers after the harvest, farmers were forced to yearly burn thousands of tons of fiber material, useless to them, contributing to earth pollution and global warming. Yet, her activities with Fiber Futures has not only helped the enormous paper industry and diminished deforestation, but has also helped farmers gain more income from their work through the use of these fibers.

The residual straw, left on the many fields after the harvest and not fully used yet, can produce more pulp for papermaking than the current mill capacity can handle! Therefore, Jeanne Trombly is not only involved in Fiber Futures, Markets Initiative and ForestEthics, but also in the Second Harvest Paper Project, to build market awareness for paper made with agricultural fibers, reducing green house gas emission, preserving forests which could be lost otherwise, and reducing the global warming contribution of burning fibers. Like New Earth Foundation, Jeanne Trombly has contributed to practices that assist in sustaining life on planet earth for many generations to come.


Stephanie Giesbrecht

Stephanie GiesbrechtStephanie has been a Sedona resident since January, 1996, and has found in Sedona all of the elements she finds most important to enhance the quality of her life. Beautiful natural surroundings, clean air, year-round recreation, intelligent, engaging people with whom to share ideas, ideals and a love of life-long learning.

Stephanie’s background is as a corporate automation consultant specializing in automating resort development infrastructures, which involved endless travel. Wanting to put down roots, Stephanie works full-time at Northern Arizona Healthcare’s multi-campus Verde Valley Medical Center as its Physician Recruiter, and makes time to serve on the Greater Sedona Community Foundation, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, and the Sedona Airport Authority Boards of Directors, and as the City of Sedona’s Citizens’ Grants Committee Chair. She is also pleased and honored to be asked by New Earth Foundation to act as an advisor. When not engaged with these activities, Stephanie loves to play tennis, horse-back ride, ride her motorcycle and hike.


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