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You can make a difference in the world by donating to the work of New Earth Foundation. To view examples of the leading-edge projects that NEF’s grants have made possible, see Past Grant Projects.

Although NEF is a small foundation, it has made a tremendous impact in the life of thousands of people. It is NEF’s goal to increase the NEF fund to at least 100 million dollars within 20 years in order to help even more. There are many areas where assistance is vital.

Donating to New Earth Foundation enables the Board of Directors to identify and give support to important projects that can help create a new earth. Your donations will allow NEF to promote continued innovation in areas of pressing national and global need.


If you have questions, please Contact NEF.

Your Many Easy Ways to Donate and Help 

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Register for a PayPal account to transfer donations to NEF
Transfer Donations to NEF via eCheck from your PayPal Account
Donate to NEF online in honor of someone special via PayPal


DONATE STOCK TO NEF (in preparation)




More Options

for Your Donations and Gifts



• Your Honorary Gifts to NEF

• Your Planned Giving to NEF

Donation Options

Donate by Mail

• Mailing a Check to NEF  Please make checks payable to New Earth Foundation, and mail them to New Earth Foundation P.O. Box 100 Sedona AZ 86339, USA.

Donate to NEF Online

• Donate to NEF with Your Bank’s Online Payment Service (in preparation)
To make secure one-time or recurring donation to NEF easily online, you may want to sign up with your bank’s online payment service.

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Donate to NEF instantly via the PayPal DONATE button (below)
- it is easy and quick

You do not need a PayPal account in order to donate to NEF with the easy to use PayPal way and without that a third party can see your card and bank data.

NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT? If you do not have a PayPal account, click the "Donate" button below and on the PayPal page select “Don’t have a PayPal Account” and “Continue."

WITH PAYPAL ACCOUNT? If you have a PayPal account, click the "Donate" button below. The PayPal page will ask you for the donated amount and then you simply log in and confirm.

WITH OR WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT For donations with or without a PayPal account, please click the PayPal button "Donate" below and follow the simple instructions.

Please donate now, clicking the “Donate” button:

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• Transfer Donations from your PayPal account to NEF
You can also donate to NEF directly from your established PayPal account. To make secured one-time or recurring donations to NEF effortlessly online, click Contact NEF first and copy the current NEF e-mail address needed. Log into your PayPal account at Click the "Send Money" tab and name the e-mail address of NEF as recipient, and follow the simple instructions on the page to transfer funds to the NEF PayPal account.

Register for a PayPal Account for donations to NEF
You may want to register for a PayPal account, which you then may securely use to transfer funds effortlessly online to NEF (and go shopping, too) by secured one-time or recurring donations via clicking “Sign up for a New Account” on the PayPal site and register at the bottom of the login box of PayPal’s website.

• Transfer Donations via eCheck from your PayPal Account to NEF
Log into your PayPal account, click Send Money, and fill in the boxes. Name New Earth Foundation,, as the recipient, and the amount you would like to donate. Indicate Personal. Click Continue, far down on the page, select Change and then eCheck.

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Donate to NEF Online via PayPal in Honor of Someone Special
If you would like to make your online donation in honor of someone special, simply log into your PayPal account and state in the PayPal message box who you want to honor.

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For other opportunities to make honorary or memorial gifts, Click Here.

• Donate to NEF via Xpress Bill Pay (in preparation)
To open an Xpress Bill Pay account, go to and click on GO (to the left). This leads you to the account set up page, where you fill in some basic information. Once your account is set up, you can donate with credit or debit cards, or transfer funds directly from your banking account to NEF with electronic funds transfer (EFT).

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If you have questions please Contact NEF.

• Donate Stock (in preparation)
Thank you for considering a gift of stock to New Earth Foundation. The information that your broker will require to complete the transfer is available to the broker. Contact New Earth Foundation.

Please ensure that you or your broker sends notification to New Earth Foundation – by phone, email, or letter – that you have transferred stocks, including the type of stock/fund and number of shares. The transfer slip we receive does not always provide donor identification information, making it difficult to issue the proper receipt. Appropriate notification will ensure prompt processing of your donation receipt. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact NEF.

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• Donate Real Estate to NEF
For tax deductible donations of real estate to NEF, please Contact NEF first; your property will be more acceptable to NEF, when it is in good condition. You may want to conduct a title search via a title company before transferring the entire property directly to NEF and/or reserve the right to live there as long as you wish. In both cases, you may want to list your property as charitable deduction. If you have questions, please Contact NEF.

• Planned Giving to NEF
Planned Gifts to NEF can be made through a will, trust, annuity, retirement plan or insurance policy. Planned Gifts are an ideal way to integrate your personal financial goals with your charitable aims to establish a legacy benefiting society and contributing to a sustainable and cooperative New Earth.

For more information on PLANNED GIVING please Click Here.

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• Giving an Endowment to NEF
An endowment may be given by the donor to NEF for general withdrawals to support NEF’s operations and mission. As an option, the donor may determine how the endowment can be used by NEF (e.g. for clean energy grants only) as a restricted endowment. Your endowment to New Earth Foundation can provide a lasting cornerstone of support for NEF’s national and international granting work. Endowments help secure NEF’s long term ability to fund significant leading-edge projects in many areas of critical needs. Your Bank may arrange for your endowment to NEF as a free service.

Given by institutions or individuals, endowments to New Earth Foundation may also create a memorial in remembrance of a person the donor has especially loved or respected.

Please Contact NEF to create your own endowment or to learn more.

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More Options
for Your Donations and Gifts

Honorary or Memorial Gifts

Honorary Gifts to NEF Donating to New Earth Foundation can be a great way to honor someone special. If you would like to make a contribution in honor of or in memory of a particular person or pet, please indicate this with your donation. We will be happy to send a letter notifying the person being honored or the family if you provide us with their contact information. Please Contact NEF.

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Your Planned Giving to NEF

Planned Giving to NEF is the best way to combine your personal financial objectives with your charitable goals. These gifts are made over time, and have several tax benefits that ensure a legacy of social change. A planned gift to New Earth Foundation helps to assure the future of NEF’s important work nationally and worldwide, and can further your financial planning goals. Please Contact NEF.

WHAT ARE PLANNED GIFTS? Planned gifts are contributions to NEF you can make through your will, trust, annuity, insurance policy, or retirement plan.

HOW TO INCLUDE NEW EARTH FOUNDATION IN YOUR WILL OR TRUST Supporters of NEF can make charitable gifts by naming New Earth Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or trust. The federal government encourages these gifts or bequests by allowing an unlimited estate tax charitable deduction. There are three ways to make a bequest:

• Specific Bequest In your will you may want to designate a specific monetary amount, a specific percentage of your estate, or a specific property to New Earth Foundation.

• Residual Bequest In your will you may want to state that after your estate has paid all debts, taxes, expenses, and specific bequests, the remaining amount, the residue, will be transferred to New Earth Foundation.

• Contingent Bequest In your will you can ask that New Earth Foundation receive all or a portion of your estate under certain circumstances. For example, you can designate New Earth Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate if there are no surviving named family members. Couples without children may leave the entire estate to the surviving spouse, and if there is no surviving spouse, the estate is to be left to New Earth Foundation.

HOW TO INCLUDE NEF IN YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN You may name New Earth Foundation as beneficiary of all, or a portion of, your retirement account assets such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh, or other qualified plan.

HOW TO INCLUDE NEF IN YOUR IN YOUR INSURANCE POLICY OR ANNUITY You may name New Earth Foundation as first, second, or as contingent beneficiary of a life insurance policy or annuity.

FURTHER INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED If you would like to support New Earth Foundation’s leading-edge grant work, simply ask your attorney to contact NEF for the needed legal designation information. New Earth Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, under the IRS Code. To start with, your attorney will need the following:


BENEFICIARY: New Earth Foundation
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 100, Sedona AZ 86339, USA

STATEMENT A statement similar to the one below may also be helpful to your lawyer:
“I, [your name,] give, devise, and bequeath to New Earth Foundation, the sum of $_______.” [Date and signature.]

DESCRIPTION OF YOUR GIFT You may describe the gift or specify the percentage of the estate you wish to give to NEF.

INFORM NEF If you have named NEF as a beneficiary of your will, living trust, life insurance, retirement plan, or other estate plan, please let us know. By doing so, you will help New Earth Foundation plan for the future and help ensure that your wishes are carried out after your lifetime.

THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO NEF We appreciate your support of New Earth Foundation and thank you for contributing to the realization of a new earth. If you decide to remember New Earth Foundation in your estate plans, or would like more information about how to leave your legacy to New Earth Foundation, please Contact NEF.

Your contribution, big or small, makes the difference at New Earth Foundation.


Please Contact NEF.

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New Earth Foundation’s Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information is important to New Earth Foundation. When you visit our website you remain anonymous. However, should you provide personal information in order to register, make donations, contact NEF, or make other transactions via this website, NEF uses it to provide the service that you have requested. NEF will not sell any personal information that you provide through the NEF site.

NEF uses personal information to process and complete donations, to update information you provide, to update you about NEF’s activities, and to let you and those you identify know about new projects that we believe may be of interest to you.

NEF may use submitted material for the advancement of knowledge in articles or other publications.

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New Earth Foundation’s Terms of Use

Legal Claim This site and all content on this site, in total or in part, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, downloaded, posted, transmitted, distributed, or used for the creation of derivative works without prior written consent from New Earth Foundation (NEF).

Exception NEF may grant you certain rights upon written request and permission prior to use.

Legal Disclaimer New Earth Foundation and all connected with its work cannot be held liable in any way for links and/or the content they are leading to, neither for ads or quotations from others placed on the NEF website.

Fair Use This 501(c)(3) New Earth Foundation website has a exclusively educational purpose. It shows by examples in words and images and by fair use and/or permission, some of the excellence that is done in this world. Such projects are made known by New Earth Foundation for others’ education, inspiration, and duplication doing likewise. For this purpose, grants from New Earth Foundation are given to leading edge projects that raise awareness of Oneness and interdependency, are replicable, and benefit many and the Earth.

If you have questions, please Contact NEF.

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