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NEF Directors have a sincere interest in making this world a better place, a bright view toward the future and a selfless desire to serve. Expertise in certain areas that is helpful to the Foundation is appreciated. Directors have the honor and opportunity to serve the planet. They enjoy taking part in NEF teamwork, learning about cutting-edge projects, and deciding which to fund.

The Legacy of John B. Loveland, M.Msc.

John LovelandIn 1997, after moving to Sedona, Arizona, John Bigelow Loveland founded New Earth Foundation (NEF), being its first President. In order to help create a new world of peace and harmony for all life to benefit from, he established the foundation with all of his inheritance - except for a small percentage of it reserved for the support of his children and their educational and medical needs until that was exhausted. For more details, please see
About NEF.

John grew up as John Bigelow Pell on 25 acres in the countryside near Syosset, Long Island, but thereafter lived mainly in New York City. Throughout his multifaceted life he has worked in many trades, from which NEF has benefited, and will continue to do so. John was President and Trustee of the Fort Ticonderoga Association, NY, founded by his grandfather, Stephen Hyatt Pelham Pell, which was largely financed by his great-grandfather, Col. Robert M. Thompson, who was married to the daughter of past Rhode Island Governor, William C. Gibbs. John Loveland's Great-grandfather Thompson had been magnate and philanthropist, as well as President and benefactor of the American Olympic Committee. The NEF fund goes back to Col. Thompson, who was so well-connected that he invited the later-to-be Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten and his royal bride to America, where he chartered a train to bring his distinguished guests across the continent to California. He hired Charlie Chaplin to make the movie Nice and Friendly (on the original DVD, The Kid) at Charlie’s house, starring Charlie himself, the royal guests, the famous child star Jackie Coogan, and members of the Thompson-Pell family and friends.

During his time as Fort Ticonderoga President, John – in the footsteps of his famous ancestors, who in many cases were leaders – advanced major decisions which helped raise the Fort Ticonderoga Museum to an exquisite professional level of international recognition. John’s family tree goes back to 17th century England to the famous mathematician, John Pell (1611-1685), political agent to Oliver Cromwell, but best known for the Pell Equation (John Pell, by J. J. O’Connor and E. F. Robertson, 2005). Ancestor John Pell received an honorary Doctor of Divinity and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, as one of the original members of that illustrious group. John Pell’s son, Sir John Pell, inherited land in New York from his father’s brother, the physician Thomas Pell, and became the Second Lord of the Manor of Pelham, in New York City and State, where the names Pelham and Pell Street still exist. A cousin of John Loveland, Eve Pell, wrote the book, We Used to Own the Bronx, which is largely true of the Pells: the Pell property included the eastern Bronx, Pelham, Westchester/NY, and in addition Southern Westchester County.

The United States Representative of NY, Herbert Claiborne Pell Jr., was John Loveland’s beloved step grandfather and United States Minister to Portugal, U.S. Minister to Hungary, as well as a Member of the United Nations War Crime Commission (Democracy’s Aristocrat, The Life of Herbert C. Pell, by M. S. Blayney).

John and his family found similarities in John, in many ways, with his Bigelow great-great-grandfather, the lawyer John Bigelow, who was American Consul in Paris under Abraham Lincoln, Minister Plenipotentiary to the court of Napoleon III, and then U.S. Minister to France (now referred to as Ambassador). Working with the U.S. Minister to the United Kingdom, Bigelow, with the British Ambassador, helped President Abraham Lincoln win the Civil War by eliciting the aid of France. John Bigelow further was the moving spirit among the founders of the New York Public Library and its first president. He had been co-editor/co-owner of The New York Post, as well as Secretary of State in New York State (Forgotten First Citizen: John Bigelow, by Margaret Klapp). New York honored its “forgotten citizen” by naming after him the John Bigelow Plaza, which is in front of the New York Public Library.

John Bigelow’s son, Poultney Bigelow, a great-grandfather of John, was a classmate and friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II. John’s grandmother, grand-daughter of John Bigelow, was a vegetarian activist against vivisection, famous artist, and an author (Belinda and Olive Pell Bible): John’s grandmother, Olive Bigelow Pell. Olive’s daughter, the popular spiritual “Social Light” of the time, was John’s beautiful mother, Daphne Tilton Pell, known as Pyrma, with Senator Claiborne Pell of the Pell Grants being Pyrma’s stepbrother. John recalls that in 1988, his Mother was invited to the White House under past President Reagan and placed next to French President Mitterrand at the gala dinner. She was fluent in French after having studied in Paris, and was highly skilled in etiquette.

John and his sister, Sarah/Polly, grew up and dated people of great name and fortune, listed in the Social Register. However, having been a member of the social register himself, John decided to follow his own path and in 1999, in order to first be received as an author, he changed his name from Pell to his pen name Loveland, as carried over into NEF. He was determined to put his inheritance to good use to help others and also secure his children’s education, retaining only a small percentage, as needed.

Before and during his time as President of Fort Ticonderoga, John worked in his father’s investment counsel firm, John H. G. Pell & Co., and later for Morse, Williams & Co, another investment firm. John also worked at Wall Street Management Corporation, founded by his father, co-creator of the 1940 Investment Act. John came to own Wall Street Management Corporation after his father retired. Prior to working for Wall Street Management Corporation, John was associated with Pell Gallery, worked as a typesetter and editor in NYC, and was a member of both the Academy of Political Science and New York Academy of Sciences.

With his headquarters in New York, John traveled extensively, living in London, Scotland, Switzerland (most major cities), and Italy (Naples and Rome). Prior to his European travels and working in New York City, John had been a U.S. Army soldier stationed in the ancient German cities of Kaiserslautern and Mannheim.

John’s years at Groton, a college-preparatory school associated with the Episcopal Church, were essential for John’s life: he thrived in Groton on many levels. His favorite subjects were history and science, and a classmate called him “one of the best fives players in New England,” fives being an English sport like handball. John learned to play the piano at the age of ten and participated in school concerts. His involvement in the school choir was an appropriate arena for his fine singing voice. Groton, with European-style education, was founded in 1884, and had been the school of many outstanding personalities such as F. D. Roosevelt, U.S. President; and Dean Acheson, Secretary of State.

From early childhood on, John was interested in nature, sports, philosophy, history and political affairs, reading the daily paper from age seven on. His Harvard studies of philosophy were highlighted by an extraordinary, spiritual experience that caused him to intensely seek the divine. He joined the Gurdjeff Foundation in New York and later visited Venezuela a couple of times for further intensive “Work” experiences. Back in NY, John founded Church of the Father to assist people who wanted to grow spiritually. In Sedona, AZ, his deep spiritual connection was strongly felt when John was heard to play the piano in an extraordinary way, divinely inspired as if being the soloist of a heavenly orchestra!

Yet nothing seemed so fulfilling to John Bigelow Loveland as establishing New Earth Foundation with most of his inheritance. With NEF he was building an organization that would enhance forward-looking efforts in the areas of science, education, environmental sustainability, and other fields to create a more enlightened and love-filled world of peace. Establishing NEF gave John the opportunity to apply his many learned skills and his devotion to the welfare of the Earth and to the spiritual progress of humankind. Then, continuing in the spirit of his famous ancestors, John also founded Earth Community Research, an Internet business and forum for integral thinking: his individual, spiritual way.

John has been listed in Who’s Who in America, holds a B.A. in philosophy from State University of New York, and after researching Liberal Studies in Global Affairs has completed his Master degree in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona. In 2013, for his philanthropic work with New Earth Foundation, John Loveland received the award as Philanthropist of the Year by the Sedona/Arizona Community Foundation. He created peace in his life and studied peace-enhancing techniques which he shares in his book, A Chance for Peace. This book is available in the NEF Peace Shop. Other books by John B. Loveland are available at From his marriage to his late Jewish wife, Ellen Pell, an editor of a national magazine, John has three cherished adult children. John was married to Dr. Bara Loveland, who supported him in all endeavors and helped make his life complete. In 2002, both became members of St. Luke’s Church, Sedona, in the Anglican Diocese of Arizona.

eBooks by John Bigelow Loveland, M.Msc.
A Chance for Peace
at New Earth Foundation's Peace Store

The Holy Land - War and Peace


Other books by John B. Loveland M.Msc are at the above website:

On food security, GMO or OMG,
on sacred energy, Wheels of Wonders,
on cosmic evolution, Galactic Origin of Human Genesis

“Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


The Board of New Earth Foundation is continuing John's legacy in fond memory and thankfulness, and in the spirit of John's love, generosity, and joy, enhancing peace.



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About NEF President, Dr. Bara H. Loveland
Ph.D., N.D., Dr.-Ing. (Dr. of Engineering/Architect), MMsc.

Dr Bara H. LovelandEarly in life, Bara learned the joys of giving from her father, a Lutheran Priest, and from her mother of affluent background, who volunteered at the Berlin Gypsy Mission. At age seven, Bara donated her favorite African doll to the African Mission, knowing that there would not be any replacement. The lectures by Prof. Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker, physicist and philosopher (University of Hamburg), generated understanding in heightened awareness, which Bara sought to enter at will. Later, a radio broadcast of a historic event surprisingly launched Bara into an altered state, allowing her to understand a foreign language at which she was not fluent. Her creativity led her to become first an employed, later an independent Design Architect after graduation in Architecture and Town Planning from the University of Stuttgart (TH), Germany. Based on training and work experience, Bara conveys to NEF a sense of science and art, efficient planning and effective, result-oriented work.

While holding the position of an Assistant Professor (then called w. M.) at the University of Darmstadt (TH), Germany, Bara taught Architectural Design to graduating architecture students, and gave seminars and lectures. She received a doctorate in the first-time combined fields of Architecture and In-depth Psychology under Prof. Helmut Striffler, architect (who designed and built the Church of Reconciliation, Dachau), with Prof. Günter Behnisch, Architect (who designed and built the Olympic Park, Munich) and Prof. Peter Michael Pflüger, in-depth psychologist (book: Heilung und Heil – Healing and Salvation; Editor of Gewalt – warum? Der Mensch: Zertörer und Gestalter; Force/Brutality – Why? Man: Destroyer and Configurator). Curiosity about expanding awareness naturally and at will led Bara, before joining the University of Darmstadt, to volunteer for thirteen months at a clinic in Germany, where she was trained as a Group Leader, and where a U.S. team taught healing through group work and altered states without drugs. This experience allowed Bara to enter at will the scientifically measurable Alpha State (and beyond), gaining access to the vast unconscious, which is only unconscious for the limited mind – as her research has revealed. This ability accelerated the results of her inquiries into color healing, Tesla Kirlian life-energy, and symbols beyond expectations.

Bara came to the U.S. to write and to join a sailboat expedition to New Zealand, but the boat never left. Instead, she authored and published her book Das Innere Weltbild – Archetypen und Symbole (The Inner World Conception – Archetypes and Symbols), containing a new definition of Archetype beyond Carl Jung’s understanding, and studied natural healing (including Color*Medicine™) with Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Jay Scherer. Bara received a second doctorate in Natural Healing (ND), and opened an office for life energy, using the Dinshah color system as well as a high frequency camera to make visible the quality of bio-frequencies and the energy of body organs, not detectable by medical diagnosis.

Her intense, original and spiritual research led her to discover the sacred origins of countless symbols, symbolic texts and energetic systems, among them the origins of the Hebrew Tree of Life (Cabbala), the Mayan Day Signs, the Chinese I Ching Trigrams, as well as the Lord’s Prayer and the Runic Alphabet. Bara was able to find the origins of many biblical symbols (e.g. the “buttered” steps, Job 29:6), not understood before. She confirmed and expanded on what Prof. Herman Wirth had taught: that all healing religions of yore had a common basis, honoring the One God. Around 2004, after years of contemplating this mystery, Bara gained clarity of how God can be understood, and why the highest God was not depicted in ancient Egypt.

Bara wrote several books and published The Book of Consciousness (released Jan. 2011), presenting innovative definitions from original research of the terms neurosis, symbol, archetype, Consciousness (sic), the unconscious, the mind and God, as well as the meaning of selected Bible symbols, with practical spiritual indications (e.g. how to see the energy field engulfing us). Examples of other eBooks by Bara are: Zeitalter des Gefühls (Era of Feeling, 1979; containing a new definition of the term neurosis); Behausungsprinzipien (Principles of Dwelling), and Raum – philosophisch, psychologisch, gebäudekundlich (Space – Philosophically, Psychologically, Architecturally), the last two in 1980, with Prof. Striffler and students; Symbole von Urerfahrung und ihre Wiederkehr im Bauen (Symbols of Primal Experience and Their Return in Building, 1981; containing a new definition of the term symbol), The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots (1985; the spiritual origin of the hole symbol), Waves of Life Energy (1987, an exhibit guide); Der Sonnenweg (The Way of the Sun, 1989, first dictionary on the spiritual origin of daily life symbols); the symbolic meaning of the Lord's Prayer; and as subject editor: Color Medicine (1992, by Charles Klotsche); The Scorpion Book (1997), The New SelfHelp Kaleidoscope (2012; on SelfHelp for body, mind, soul and spirit); and more, with most books designed by her, from cover to cover. She wrote several comprehensive, illustrated manuscripts based on her discoveries.

Primarily from original research, Bara lectured and taught self-help seminars on color healing, Tesla-Kirlian life energy and sacred symbols to international students (including MDs), coming from many countries, both in Europe and the U.S. She has taught in multiple educational venues from the simplicity of kindergarten and elementary school to the more complex and sophisticated topics in high school, college and university. These teaching experiences later influenced her manner of presentation: combining in her books and seminars simple wording, the super-learning style, and original insights, images and humor. Bara has published numerous articles, both in the U.S. and in Europe and has frequently and internationally presented her work in her newsletters and on her websites, additionally in magazines and on radio and TV, as well as in slide shows. In 2000, she was the first to publicly present that we have two immune systems (original research): our energy body (seen on Tesla-Kirlian photographs) and our organs. Of the two, the energy body can show indications of damage up to 35 years ahead of physical symptoms (Rumanian research), allowing for healing before falling ill. She also found that our energy body can be enormously strengthened by a color system developed in 1920 by Dr. Dinshah. Consequently, Bara has created two certification eCourses in Color*Medicine™, one basic (1999) and the other one intermediate (2011).

John B. Loveland married Bara in 2001. She still admiringly calls him “Prince of America,” for being the descendent of the Second Lord of the Manor of Pelham, Sir John Pell. Both, John and Bara worked together on several projects.

Bara joined the NEF Board of Directors in September of 2011 and is delighted to bring to NEF her learned skills for the website design, her heightened awareness, result-oriented action, practicality and efficiency, envisioning a bright world for all when we take care of the weakest.

Free Info*Letters™, Voice of Lightning™ on our divine energies are available on the website below.


“In order to create a better world,
we must conquer the ego and take care of the weakest.
This can be anyone, in any situation.”
Dr. Bara H. Loveland


“…the capacity to care …gives life its deepest significance.”
Pablo Casals, Musician



About NEF Vice President and Secretary, Debra May, M.Ed.

Debra MayDebra May has been on the Board of Directors of New Earth Foundation since 2001. She loves New Earth Foundation’s mission of participating in the building of a “New Earth” through giving grants to nonprofit organizations that help humanity and the planet, each in their unique way. Debra May is an educator and a visionary who looks ahead to a brighter future for our youth and for all people throughout the world.

Debra May has thirty years of experience in the field of education as a teacher, curricular consultant, in-service trainer, and leadership facilitator. Drawing from her years of experience, she has delivered innovative professional development workshops on leading-edge topics, facilitating pioneering classroom experiences for educators and administrators.

Alongside her work with New Earth Foundation, Debra and her team of educators are developing and piloting an innovative, experiential and service-oriented high school elective, designed to train and empower our next generation of future humanitarian leaders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs. This program seeks to build students’ social awareness, and prepare them to effectively impact the future of their local, national and global communities.

With a master's degree in Education and a bachelor's degree in philosophy, Debra’s professional emphasis has spanned gifted education, service learning, leadership development, and Waldorf education. She has taught in public, charter, and private schools. When her daughter was in sixth grade, she requested to be home schooled. Debra found herself home schooling not only her daughter, but ten students that year
at her Sedona residence.

As a teacher and consultant with a distance learning school, Debra served hundreds of students from elementary through high school, across the U.S. and around the world. She has a Gifted Endorsement from the state of Arizona, is a certified Waldorf educator, and is trained as a Peer Leadership facilitator. Planning and conducting informative sessions for parents, Debra presented future-oriented educational themes and classroom methods. She served as school-wide Science Fair Project Coordinator and was also Earth Day Activities Coordinator. She was appointed to a district-wide Gifted Curricula Planning Committee, tasked with establishing its first middle school gifted program.

Debra has written and received several grants for gifted programs, youth leadership education, and for environmental projects. In order to advance multicultural activities for youth and adults, she taught dances from many countries around the world. She currently teaches ballroom dancing and enjoys choreographing for the bride and groom’s wedding dance. 

Debra’s articles and anecdotes for a monthly newsletter, as well as her lectures on growth topics such as “Compassion in Daily Living” and “How Service Impacts Our Lives” go hand in hand with New Earth Foundation’s vision and mission. Debra brings to NEF her optimism about the future, her love of researching future-oriented humanitarian projects and the work of social entrepreneurs around the world, her communication skills, and experience in business and investing.


“A leader has the vision and conviction
that a dream can be achieved.  
He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” 
Ralph Lauren

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About NEF Director Sandra Rhoads

Sandra Rhoads Sandra Rhodes is a long-term New Earth Foundation Board member and brings insights from her professional life to New Earth Foundation about understanding people and their needs. She used to reside in Sedona, Arizona, however, thanks to modern teleconferences, she continued to serve New Earth Foundation even after moving to beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico (2019). It was a wonderful experience for Sandra living close to her family and enjoying the educational and picturesque sights of this area: The many art museums, the famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival, and the unforgettable views from Sandia Mountain onto the city.

Nevertheless, it was a short residency: In December 2020, her daughter needed assistance and Sandra moved to East Tennessee. She lovingly supported her daughter in starting a new career in Seymour, TN, just 45 minutes from the Smoky Mountains. Sandra's daughter purchased a home on 3 acres where Sandra now lives in her small house on the same property. There are chickens, bee hives, and a little garden to grow vegetables! Gardening and baking are among Sandra's many hobbies and great talents, having a "green thumb" and a "baking thumb." Beside the tasks on the property and the work for NEF, Sandra is working part time at Dollywood Park, a 45-minute drive away from her home. This park is famous for its seasonally themed festivals, displaying flowers, events, and offering fresh and tasty dishes.

Sandra is enjoying her love for baking in one of the park's restaurants. In the bakery, Sandra creates delicious and nutritious deserts such as apple cobblers, pudding parfaits, cookies, and other dishes to serve the guests. Sandra feels that she is very fortunate, living in such a beautiful place while still being connected with New Earth Foundation to participate in its great nonprofit work! Sandra helps to carry out New Earth Foundation's mission in support of innovative and crucial earth-saving projects through New Earth Foundation's grants.

“Expect the most wonderful things to happen,
not in the future, but right now."

Eileen Caddy, Co-founder of Findhorn Foundation.

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