THE LEGACY While living in New York City, John B. Loveland received an inheritance from his family,
going back to his great-grandfather, Col. Robert M. Thompson,
a self-made magnate in nickel mining.

THE IDEA OF NEF John thought of how much good this money could do in the world, when invested wisely and shared with others, instead of buying a mansion, a luxurious car and designer clothing. After moving to Sedona, Arizona and out of the hustle of the big city, John was seeking a new direction in his life. An advisor suggested that John get involved in an association as treasurer. Being from a family of originators, the advice reinforced John’s idea to donate his inheritance and allocate it for benevolent, peace and harmony furthering purposes. It became clear that the new direction in his life was to establish a foundation, benefiting earth and all life: New Earth Foundation.
FOUNDING NEF New Earth Foundation was founded by John Bigelow Loveland and was incorporated on April 9, 1997. The following month, NEF was funded through the donation from the founder, using three quarters of his inheritance, with the remainder securing the education of his three children. To guide NEF in the ways he envisioned, John created NEF as a private foundation as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and became its first President, a position he still held in 2016.

ACTIVITIES Since its beginnings, New Earth Foundation has given grants to numerous non-profit organizations involved in leading-edge projects concerning education, communication, clean water and energy sources, spirit-uplifting arts, the preservation of endangered forests and plant species, self-help methods to curb hunger, and in many other fields, helping people around the globe and the earth herself augmenting peace. The Board of New Earth Foundation is working in innovative ways to increase the granting fund for greater giving to the world in need. You may be interested to see Past Grant Projects.

THE GOAL OF NEF The Founder and the other Directors envision raising the NEF fund to U.S. $100 million in twenty years. If you feel called to be a part of this earth-life and peace-enhancing vision, please contact NEF or click Ways to Give.

The Oneness of It All

“The meaning of our self is not to be found
in its separateness from God or others,
but in the ceaseless realization of union.”
Rabindranath Tagore


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